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Everyone wants luxurious fabrics to design their stylish yet comfortable dresses. Out of all other fabrics, velvet fabric is the most luxurious fabric; that is well-known for its softness. It drapes well and feels soft and plush to the touch. Velvet was a popular choice for clothing in royal households and noble families. 

Velvet is basically woven using long threads between two fabrics. The threads are then cut into a pile. You can find a wide variety of velvet today. It is available in both silk and synthetic fiber. In this article, we will discuss all about Velvet Fabric, Its Types, and its uses.

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What is Velvet Fabric?

Velvet, a luxurious fabric made from soft and luxurious fabrics, is distinguished by its dense pile of perfectly cut fibers with a smooth feel. Velvet is characterized by the short pile fibers that give it a soft, shiny look and beautiful drape.

Velvet fabric can be used for evening wear or dresses for special occasions. It is also popular because it was originally made from silk. Do you know what velvet is made of? Velvet can be made from cotton, silk, and wool. This makes velvet cheaper and more affordable. Velvet is a staple in home decor. It's used for upholstery, curtains, pillows, and many other purposes.

Velvet Fabric Characteristics

Different properties and uses make the velvet fabric more special. 

  • It's incredibly versatile velvet: The fabric feels and looks luxurious, but it is also more versatile than other textiles. It can be used for all types of applications. 
  • It is specially made: Velvet fabrics were traditionally made from silk and has the ability to reflect light differently depending on their design. This is the beauty of velvet. 
  • It was built to last: One of the biggest misconceptions about velvet is its difficulty to maintain. This misconception is based on the fact that velvet can be very durable and last decades if properly maintained. Like wine and leather, velvet only gets better over time.
  • It is rich and soft: Velvet fabric's soft texture and rich color make it a great material for creating beautiful upholstered furniture. 
  • Velvet fabrics are affordable: Velvet is available in every price range and weight. The most expensive fabrics are made from silk fibers, while the most affordable are cotton, polyester, and other synthetic blends.

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Types of Velvet Fabric

  1. Crushed Velvet: Crushed velvet is one of the unique forms of velvet. It can be made by twisting or pressing the fabric after it dries. Crushed velvet is not uniform in appearance. It rises and falls in an organic way that is visually stunning. 
  2. Embossed Velvet: This velvet is embossed with words, symbols, or other shapes. It is also known as printed velvet. You can feel embossing when you touch the velvet fabric.
  3. Stretch velvet: The material has a stretchy texture because it incorporates spandex. Stretch velvet is often used for sports clothing, such as leggings and leotards.
  4. Plain Velvet: Plain velvet is heavier than other types and is usually made from cotton. It is slightly stretcher than nylon velvet and less shiny than traditional silk. It can be used for clothing, accessories, and even home decor.
  5. Hammered Velvet: This type of velvet fabric is considered to be the finest form of velvet. It has been pressed or smashed instead of crushed. This fabric has a dappled appearance that is very similar to the coat of a warm, soft animal.
  6. Lyons Velvet: This velvet is denser than most other types, making it ideal for outerwear applications. Lyons velvet is a luxurious outerwear material that can be used for hats and coats.
  7. Panne Velvet: Although "Panne" may be used to refer to many things when it comes to velvet, the original meaning of this term was to describe crushed velvet that had been subjected only to a one-direction thrusting moment. Today, Panne is used more commonly to describe velvet that has a bunched appearance.
  8. Utrecht Velvet: Although this type of crimped velvet is no longer in fashion, it can still be found in eveningwear and dresses.
  9. Voided Velvet: This velvet has patterns that are made up of sections with piles and others without. This type of velvet can be made in many different shapes and designs, making it similar to embossed velvet.

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    What is Velvet Fabric Used for?

    Velvet fabric is warm and breathable. It is also very moisture-wicking, making it a great fabric for towels and bath robes. Velvet has a rich, luxurious feel that won't be lost. Velvet is suitable for all types of events, whether it's formal or casual wear. 

    Most velvet fabrics are used for products that are close to the skin. Velvet has a distinctive visual appeal and is used in curtains, throw pillows, and other home decor.

    Velvet can be used to make the following products:


    Velvet is the best type of upholstery due to its durability. You can use it to design sofa covers, bed sheets, and many more.


    Velvet fabric would make the best curtains, as it is a strong fabric that can be used often. In winter, curtains that are heavy will look luxurious because of their weight.

    Velvet can block out natural light. Ice fabrics wholesale offers a variety of velvets to choose from when you want to make curtains. 

    Soft Furnishings

    For soft furnishings like table runners or throws, velvet fabric can be a perfect choice. Velvet is a wonderful fabric! Velvet is an excellent fabric if you want to create a luxurious, elegant appearance.

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    What is the Advantage of Velvet?

    Velvet has a reputation for elegance and exceptional aesthetic value. One of the prominent advantages of the velvet fabric is that it can add style and elegance to a small, dark, or otherwise sparsely furnished space. Velvet is a beautiful and welcoming choice for both commercial and home settings.

    Why is Velvet Fabric Good?

    Velvet fabric is good because of its amazing warmth and style. In colder seasons, velvet brightens rooms and adds warmth and charm to your living space, den, or office reception. 

    Difference between Velvet and Velour?

    Velour is a knitted fabric that has a medium pile. It's not as thick or as dense as velvet, but it still has similar properties. Velour is naturally flame retardant, while velvet is not. This is why velour is preferred by event industry coordinators over velvet. 

    What does Velvet Feel like? 

    Velvet is a tightly woven fabric that has a thick pile and a short weave. Velvet feels soft and is made from natural fibers such as silk.