Ice Fabrics concentrates in economical wholesale fabric for designers, wedding or party planners, fabric trader and more. Here at Ice Fabrics, we transmit fabrics variety from Crepe Back Satins, Charmeuse Satins, Silky Habutae Lining, Poplin polyester, Tulle, Cotton Broadcloth, Brocades, Damasks, Jacquards, Upholstery, Chenille, Sheer Voile, Stretch and Micro Velvet, Sequins, Faux Fur Fabrics mbellishments and more. Our online album is listening priced to go by concession to our customers and make sure they the most excellent cost on all of their fabric needs.

For over 30 years, we have been providing our regulars with unparalleled prices, collection, and service. We know how tough it can be to find the precise fabric, so we carry a diversity of fabrics facilitate to make the judgment easier. In actuality, if we don't have your fabric choice accessible on our online catalog, we strongly support you to call us via phone or email to inquire about its availability in our 30,000+ sq ft.


To attain customer approval by delivering nothing but the best, by means of utilizing the highest quality of resources and world-class Ice Fabrics with precise quality objectives in mind to achieve buyer satisfaction, is at the heart of our business policy and strategy. We are committed to manufacturing, source, supply, export, and trade quality textile products and services. We will forever try to satisfy our customers’ needs and exceed expectations from side to side. Our vision is to serve our customers with dedication and offer expert services with fabric excellence declaration.


Ice Fabrics are dedicated to the reliable up uplifting and development of both its products and its responsibilities towards its regulars. Struggle hard to attain uppermost levels of customer satisfaction through timely deliveries along with enhanced quality and value of all our products.

Specialty and Uniqueness

Ice Fabrics specialty is its quality used in which it is neither bad nor spoil due to sunlight or never fades the color of the lace. lase, fabrics, napkins, table clothes satin and stretch velvet all are high-quality products. We are also using 100% pure stuff which is not allowed the fabric to damage. Its products reflect with diverse inflection to any type of light, at any time of the day and make your look very attractive anywhere.

What we do

We work to make all our products the best (lace, fabrics, napkins, table clothes satin and stretch velvet) it can be through research, product innovations like damage-free stuff like Crepe Back Satins, Silky Lining, Cotton Broadcloth, Brocades, Damasks, Jacquards, Upholstery, Chenille, Sheer Voile, Stretch and Micro Velvet, Sequins, and sustainable advancements like finding new uses for micro silk. Its stiff is very smooth and comfortable to wear and highly demanded by females.
We make sure you know about all of the features of our amazing products through advertising, retail and promotions, our pieces of fabric can be used for dancewear, custom, special occasion dresses evening wear, prom, wedding dress, and more. Based on high-quality stuff, it is drying cleanable and soft to the touch. We are highly conclusions about our stuff purity so we do all our best for high quality provide d to our consumers.
The quality of your clothing depends on it. It’s our job to remind you that there’s no substitute for our products and to make sure you always check the stuff.

You might be interested in our blog, and we are active on Quora on Instagram, Linkdin for all the designs we offers yet.

Below is a video of the Ice Fabrics direct ordering experience, from start to finish!


As a direct manufacturer of almost all of our fabrics, Ice Fabrics is able to control all aspects of our production. This means better quality control, consistent dye lots, re-orderability and large inventory.


We stand by all of our fabrics because, after all, we manufacture it! Our highly trained customer service team is on-site at our warehouse facility to provide you with the best help. Our No-Questions Asked Return Policy is just a testament to how confident we our in our fabrics.


Ice Fabrics provides extremely competitive pricing on it's fabrics while also catering to customers of all sizes. Whether you're looking to purchase fabric for a production run or simply looking for a few yards, we handle orders of all sizes.

We would like to thank you for shopping with us. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us via email or call us at the number below.

Ice Fabrics
Phone : +1 213-344-8052
305 E 9th St#222 Los Angeles California 90015


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