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There are different types of events on which beaded mesh laces dresses are worn. Beaded mesh lace dresses designs in different textures and colors. This is a beautiful corded lace with beads and sequins can be used for dancewear, custom, special occasion dresses evening wear, prom, wedding, engagement, night parties, and more. The lace can be used for all different purposes such as clothing, jackets, dresses, skirts, applications, table covers, runners, and much more.


Types of events

Wedding Events

Ice Fabrics are offering fashion wedding sequins beaded bridal dress design in different textures and colors. This is a beautiful corded lace with beads and sequins sewn on quality fabric this piece of fabric you can wear beaded lace fabric dresses on a wedding for subtle glamour. Wedding beaded lace dresses are sequins to the wedding gown with more comfort. Beads laces are a pretty and versatile detail for any wedding dress. With a Beaded lace fabric also a beautiful addition to your wedding gown. Wedding sequins beaded lace gives you a gorgeous look at your special big wedding day. Whether you are a conservative bride-to-be or confused about the dress, there is a beaded fabric lace to suit every taste and need.


Beaded lace fabric - Ice Fabric


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Prom Night Parties

Modern flower design embroidered on mesh with sequins and metallic cord-prom-nightgown. These French corded flowers are embroidered with sequins on a mesh lace fabric giving off a sophisticated and elegant look. The lace has double scallops on the width. This lace can wear in prom parties. The party which is organized by teenagers, on prom party night girls dress up nightgowns. These beaded mesh lace gowns make your personality attractive.


Flower Design Embroidered - Ice Fabric


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Costume parties

A costume party or a fancy dress party is a type of party, common mainly in contemporary Western culture, where many of the guests are dressed up in costumes. Beaded shirts are worn in costume parties. Floral Handmade Mesh Lace Fabric by the Yard, Flowers Fabric Lace Mesh Veil Bridal Gowns, Fashion Dress, Costume lace is a very beautiful party dress that is available in diverse designs. Fashion wedding dress sequins beaded bridal mesh lace is a highly demanded and most liked product by the customers. Beaded lace new design and different colors are with an outstanding finish. This trend wedding dress sequins beaded mesh lace stuff is the highest quality fabric.


Floral Handmade Mesh Lace Fabric by the Yard - Ice Fabric


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Dance Parties And Modeling

Ice Fabric playing an important role by proving beaded mesh lace for all even like dance parties.3D handmade flowers beaded mesh lace fabric be used for ballet wear, tradition, and special request dresses sundown or evening wear. 3D handmade beaded lace fabric Beautiful flower intends in rose with stuff color threads transparent beads. This beaded 3D lace reflects our personality that’s why these are also worn in dance parties by dancers as well as audiences. 3D beaded mesh lace dresses are highly demanded by models who wear these dresses when they are at the stage. Create your own goddess dress like a good designer and feel like a star on the red carpet. Due to all these wonderful features, our dresses are special and unique.

3D handmade beaded lace fabric - Ice Fabric