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Minky is one of the most multipurpose and useful fabrics, as well as a soft cloth. Dimple dot Minky fabric is super lenient, long-lasting, and available in a variety of colors and patterns, but you can use it in different ways.


What is Minky Fabric 

Types of Minky Fabric | IceFabrics


Minky is a special type of luxurious fabric that is 100% polyester and is often used to make baby blankets, baby clothing, and baby accessories. Minky fabric is like wool - but soft and thick. The high quality of our Minky fabric prevents its colors from deteriorating and its warmth over time.

Minky plush Fabric is a synthetic, hypoallergenic fabric. Although different among quality brands, all Minky fabric is a knitted fabric that gives it an ultra-soft feel while maintaining durability. It is also available in weights and pile heights, giving you the ability to choose the right material for the right project. We have Minky fabric at our store with unique and glamorous patterns.

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Difference between Minky and Cuddle Fabric

Cuddle means to embrace and warm feelings. There is no difference between cuddle and Minky fabric. Both are types of materials. Cuddle fabric is a micro-fiber plush fabric that is perfect for your ultra-soft and cuddly quilt, blanket, or cozy doll. Soft Fleece Minky Fabric is available at IceFabric with heavyweight, permanency, and durability. We have a Soft Snuggly Minky fabric that is easygoing and warm to the delicate skin as well as Minky is the most superior fabric all over the world.

Both fabrics are made of 100% polyester microfiber blush fabric. Cuddle Minky fabric is the softest fabric in the world that can be used for blankets.

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Is Minky Fabric Safe for Babies?

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Minky fabric is the perfect fabric for babies because Minky is a soft polyester knit fabric with a fluffy pile that gives it an excellent luxurious feel to your baby. Provide your baby ultra-comfort and coziness with our Minky fabric.

This fabric is an excellent gift for children wearing and for warm blankets and soft plush animals and toys. It's not as breathable as natural fabrics, so keep that in mind for the climate and purpose of your creation. We have different Minky fabrics with short and long piles, with attractive designs, stylish prints, and a variety of solid colors to create the perfect blanket or plush toys.

Minky is known for its warmth, making it a go-to fabric for outerwear and blankets. It dries speedily and is exceptionally soft, making Minky materials the perfect fabric for babies. Minky fleece fabric is simple to wash and resists stains. If you worry about choosing a fabric, then Minky dot fabric is an effortless way to give the newest baby in your life some relaxed homemade clothing and accessories.

Why You Should Invest in a Collection of Minky Fabric

Minky fabric is one of the most precious materials in the world. Here's a look at some of the reasons why it is so standard and why you should invest in Minky fabric.

  • It's durableMinky is an extremely durable fabric and comfortable to wear
  • It's super soft. Minky has such a smooth and comfy touch, which is pleasing and contented to sensitive skin. Mink Dot fabric just feels so pleasant scrubbing up against your skin. Cuddle Minky fabric is the perfect give to protect your child from cold weather.
  • It can be used in so many ways. Minky fabric can be used in clothing, baby accessories, cold weather accessories, blankets, and curtains also. You can use it for pillows bed sheets that can be useful in the winter seasons.
  • There are so many options. Minky is available in so many different colors, designs, and prints at an affordable price and will meet your desires and interests.




Types of Minky Fabric

There are lots of types of Minky fabric from the plane to print Minky fabric.

  • Plane Minky is Minky without any patterns, texture, or design. Made in a variety of colors, It will be ideal for making all types of items.
  • Dimple Dot Minky is very similar to smooth Minky as well as having a fine finished and made in solid colors, and dimple Minky fabric has small dots over the material that looks very attractive. 
  • Ribbon Minky has some of the pile cut out of it. It is cut into ribbons, so that there are ridges of Minky fabric, almost like a corduroy fabric, although much broader and softer.
  • Print Minky feels just like smooth Minky to touch, but rather than having one solid color. This has all categories of patterns and designs printed over the Minky fabric.

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Uses for Minky Fabric

1. Cloth Nappies


Baby Nappies made of Minky Fabric | IceFabrics


Minky fabric is available in different textures and prints and colors. Easy to wash and relaxed to wear. Minky fabric also has the power to add the charm to your home décor.

2. Children's Clothing


Minky Fabric Children Clothes | IceFabrics


Minky fabric uses in children's clothing because Minky fabric is so warm as well as soft; that's why it is the best choice for the children's clothing. Minky children's clothes are so delicate to the baby's skin and cuddle them in the winter season as well as protect them from the cold.

3.Baby Bibs


Minky Fabric Baby Bibs | IceFabrics


As Minky fabric is perfect for baby bibs, it has the power to absorb the baby spills. For the same reasons that Minky plays well for children's fashion and cloth nappies, it also provides relaxation to soft baby skin.

4. Quilting


Minky Fabric Quilts | IceFabrics


Minky fabric can be used for a quilt if you are looking for a beautiful material with a fascinating consistency that is useful for quilting that looks at our Minky Fabric Collection.

5. Baby Blanket


Minky Fabric Baby Blankets | IceFabrics


The most common use of Minky fabric to make minky baby blankets. You can make a blanket double-sided with two different layers of Minky fabric for a soft and warm feeling. Minky blanket that provides high coziness and comfort.

6. Teddy Bears


Baby's Best Friend Minky Fabric Teddy Bear | IceFabrics


Minky cuddle is lenient and fluffy that is perfect for teddy bears and other soft toys. You can even make your objects in diverse colors and designs.

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7. Baby Toys


Minky Fabric Baby Toys | IceFabrics


Kids are like to play with soft toys as well as other Minky fabric toys. Minky fabric has a vital role in kid accessories. The Minky provides comfort, cuddles, and happiness to your little prince or princess.

8. Caps and Shawls


Winter Wear Minky Fabric Shawls | IceFabrics


Caps and shawls are also made by Minky fabric because warm and fluffy Minky fabric is ideal for the winter season.it can easily sew into simple objects such as caps and shawls.

9. Home Decoration 


Minky Fabric Home Decoration | IceFabrics



Minky quilt fabric is useful to make stylish and luxurious soft fluffy cushions and pillows, and some of the bright patterns can make quite curtains, as well as you can complement your home decoration with it.


10. Bags, Purses, and Wallets


Minky Fabric Bags and Purse | IceFabrics


Minky fabric can be used to make a purse and bags that are soft and fluffy. It makes shapely and stylish items to hold your shoulder.

How to Sew Minky Fabric  

Minky fabric is impressive due to enthralling features. Minky fleece is so so warm, loveable, and cuddly and best approach to provide comfort and warmth as well. Printed Minky fabric is a lovely fabric for beddings. No need to worry about its sewing process here. We are telling you many ways to sew with Minky fabrics easy. Just read the following tip to make the sewing process easy and pleasant.

Lose the Fuzz

Minky fabrics tend to have a lot of fuzz if you've ever cut it by using a sharp cutter or scissor. 

Trim Edges

Trim off any excess edges and cut your corners, so they aren't bulky when you turn your projects inside out as well as pull your corners out, so they look fine and sharp

Use a #90/14 Topstitch Needle

Minky fabric is thicker than cotton fabric. The thicker fabric tends to be more scratchy against the needle and thread. So use a #90/14 Topstitch needle to sew the Minky fabric that protects the thread from breaking. The Topstitch needle style has a longer eye and deeper groove that is helpful for edge and decorative stitching.

Sew with a Strong, Low-lint Thread

When you are sewing Minky fabric pieces together, a strong and low-lint thread will help you to keep the stitches tight and protected. So use strong thread when sewing pieces of Minky fabric together as well as quilting on Minky. 

Use a Walking Foot

Do not stretch Minky fabric while you sew or quilt. You were using a walking foot when you are going to stitch Minky fabric that will help and maintain pressure and avoid stretching. The walking foot also prevents gliding while you are stitching. A walking foot drops down to hold the fabric, but lifts as you sew, which feeds the fabric through much more smoothly and efficiently.

Understand the Nap

Not the fun nap where you close your eyes and dream of all the quilts you're going to make. The nap of fabric in the direction of its pattern, but in Minky's case, it's the direction of the texture. If you iron Minky, it can ruin the nap, so we don't recommend ironing. Another fun fact is Minky doesn't stretch along the length; it stretches on the crosswise grain and bias. Be sure you have your stretch in the right direction before stitching to avoid blocks that don't flow well and points that don't meet.

Use a Rotating Cutter

It's so much easier to cut Minky with a rotary cutter. Rotary cutters ensure precise, even cuts. Keep in mind the nap when cutting.

Use Double Pinning

Use a few techniques that can stabilize the fabric, making it easier to sew and work with. 

Always use double pinning method and start with a pin in the center of the edge you're working on, and work your way to the outside edges. All you have to do is pinch the two pieces of fabric in place, then pin it. Once the first row of pins is in place, start pinning the second row parallel to the first, with pins in alternating positions.

We hope you have learned something new and encourage you to share photos of the Minky quilts you make with friends and fellow quilters.

How to Care and Wash Minky Fabric

Minky is a very long-lasting fabric just far away from ultra-heat that reduces its softness. Therefor it is need to wash there a question raised that how to wash minky fabric.  

Minky fabric is so soft, so you must wash it in cold water, as well as avoid different types of liquid fabric bleachers. Heavy Soap and Softeners will reduce the softness and make it hard and dull. Vinegar is an excellent fabric softener that can be used to maintain the shine and softness of Minky cuddle fabric.

Tumble dry without heat, and you can use low heat because any type of heat can maximize static and minimize the gentleness slightly. When you wash by using the dryer to dry, pull the item out of the dryer before it is 100% dry, take it out at about 90% dry to avoid extreme static.

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Where to Buy Minky Fabric

Minky fabric that cuddles your little one and helpful for you to make your home décor amazing as well as excellent. Minky fabric by the yard is available at Ice Fabric at affordable prices. We are offering 24 hours of free worldwide delivery with a simple return/ exchange policy.

Buy Minky Fleece fabric on Ice Fabric and get more reliable and durable Minky fabric that will help you to décor your house and to make blankets and toys for your baby. Now we are working as a wholesale distributor all over the world. All our fabrics are skin-friendly and meet the consumer's requirements. We love to serve and make you happy.

Minky fabric is now available in different patterns that will amazed you a lot as a material to make a new things that enhance your home's decoration and your personality when you ware this fabric as new designed Shawl and Cap. This fabric stuff is sell by the yards. So approximately half yard is enough for cap design. 

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