Guide: How To Wash and Care For Silk? - ICE FABRICS

Silk has been the most beneficial material that one can use as their bedding. It's like you are giving yourself the best comfort in the world. Buying silk can prove to be an investment for you as it doesn’t wear out, and can be used for the long term. 

Silk has proven to be the best fabric, due to its natural material, and protein structure. But, people don’t buy it as much as they should. People nowadays are after the trending stuff to be updated, but that lasts for just a few months as a new trend sets in. And then, that product is useless. So, it is better to buy the thing of your comfort, that also appears luxurious, and can go a long time. 

Not only will you be benefited financially, but also will affect your skincare routine. It is an investment that we all should make. But that is not the problem. The problem is that most people are scared to buy this beautiful fabric because they think that it is hard to clean and take care of. But, that is where people are wrong. Silk is probably the easiest cloth to clean. How to care for silk clothing? I’ll tell you. Read till the end to find answers to all your questions. Here are some tips that you need to keep in mind when cleaning silk.

The Basics of Washing Silk Fabrics

We all know that silk is as delicate as it looks, and hence why we all feel nervous to wash it as we don’t know the proper ways. But, if you just follow the tips I have given below, then you will never be scared of washing silk. But just keep in mind to check the instructions that are given on the label as silk care. 

  • A must-never use thing on silk is bleach of any kind. Bleach will instantly damage your silk clothing, and then your money will be wasted. All the fibers in the silk clothing will be ruined by using bleach. Instead, use eco-friendly non-scented detergents on it to have longevity. 
  • Silk should never be exposed to direct sunlight as long exposure to UV rays and heat will ruin the protein structure in it, and hence the silk won't be silky any more, and it will also lose its shiny appearance. 
  • When you are drying it in a machine, always set the machine to cool instead of heat, as silk cannot stand high temperature. It is better that you opt for 30 degrees.
  • Look for the brands of detergent that are made especially for silk clothing. 

How Do You Hand-Wash Silk Clothing?

If you are still anxious to wash silk in a machine, then you can go for the safest option and that is the hand washing silk method to wash it easily. I have the correct steps that you can follow to ensure a safe silk cleaning.

  • The first thing you need to do is to put the silk clothing in a tub filled with cold water, not icy cold.
  • After that, you can add a detergent that is safe for silk. Always add just a few drops, not more than that, not even a cup full. To mix the detergent with the water, you can use your hand and then wait for about 3-5 minutes,
  • Now, to clean the silk, you need to dip and take out the fabric from the solution a few times, this will make the dirt get out from the silk and into the solution
  • Now, take the silk out, and then put it under the running cold water so that all the soapy water will be rinsed out of it.
  • Now to dry it, don’t put it outside, or in a dryer. Instead, use a towel and cover the silk in it, so that the towel can soak up all the water. Just remember to not spin your silk, as it will ruin the cloth.
  • Now, just keep the silk spread open anywhere you like, but never in direct sunlight.

How Do You Wash Silk in a Machine?

Washing silk in a machine may be a quick step, but people are scared to follow it as they don’t have proper instructions. Here, I’ll tell you some simple steps you can follow to wash silk:

  • When you are washing silk, the first step you need to take is to check the label for any decolorization, or any other damage. 
  • Wash your silk separately, but if you want to wash it with other clothes, then go for lighter pieces for clothes.
  • If you can, try to use mesh bags and put the silk in them for washing. This will remove any chance of it getting tangled with other clothes, or itself.
  • Now add the required detergent, but only a small amount.
  • Now you need to set your washing machine on the delicate washing option to not ruin your silk. 
  • After that, for spinning, always use short spin cycles, and the temperature should be kept mild, like 30 degrees.
  • If the silk is still wet when you take it out, then use a towel to soak up excess moisture from it.
  • Now, spread it open anywhere, other than in direct sunlight.

Caring for Silk After Washing

Can silk be ironed? This is the most commonly asked question, the answer is yes! People mostly skip this step, but it is essential for silk care.

Cleaning and drying silk clothing are not the only things. You must know how to iron silk to prevent any wrinkles on it. This is what you should do:

  • Always turn your silk clothing inside out so that your cloth doesn’t damage.
  • When ironing, use the lowest possible heat, or if there are instructions labeled, then follow accordingly.
  • Never iron your silk when it’s even mildly wet, and also when ironing, do not ever spray water on it.
  • The most important thing is that you should never put the iron directly on the silk. Always use a light cloth barrier between the silk and the iron.
  • After that, you can hang the clothes and keep them in a cool area. If you are going to store it for a long time, then you should put it inside a plastic bag for safety precautions. Never store it in a hot area, or a wet place. If needed, also use a moth repeller.

Is it Better to Steam or Iron Silk?

Ironing silk is the best option because you can have a smooth, wrinkle-free silk fabric within a few minutes, instead of streaming which takes up a long time, and is not that beneficial.

Can You Dry Clean Silk?

This depends upon the kind of silk fabric you are using. You can check the label of your clothing to find the answers, as some silk materials can be dry-cleaned, while some can’t. For the silk fabric that says it can only be dry-cleaned, then it is better that you opt for asking a professional’s help. People also ask this ‘does silk dry quickly’. The answer is yes! Silk dries easily if you use 30 degrees.