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Are you love to add a pop of color to your home with felt flowers? Well! You can consider felt fabric to make the flowers because felt flowers add color to your home no matter what the season. Felt flowers are an easy and affordable craft that makes gorgeous gifts. They look like little felt flowers, and you will love them! They make magnificent arrangements, headbands, and decorations, and they can be made in any color and design you like, so you can shop the felt fabric from Ice Fabrics wholesale to make the flowers and match your home's decor. In this article, we have shared useful tips and steps on how to make felt flowers? that allow you to work easily with felt and make the flowers quickly.


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Supplies you Need to Make Felt Fabric Flowers

  • Felt Fabric in your favorite color  
  • Scissors
  • A hot glue gun and clear glue sticks

You can use this material to make all types of flowers, from small, rolled felt flowers to large felt flowers. Most people prefer expensive wool, but we recommend using the lowest price felt available from ice fabrics for making felt flowers.

Keep in mind that when you are working with kids whole are unable to use a hot glue gun, you should always consider a low-temperature gun for kid’s safety. Likewise, little kids can you classroom scissors for making felt flowers due to safety concerns. If you want to do it yourself, then you should use sharp scissors to get a flawless finish.

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Steps to Make Felt Fabric Flowers 

Making fun flowers is one of the most amazing and fun activities. Before following these steps learn how to sew felt fabric.

1. Select the Fabric

The first step is to select the color you’d like to make a felt flower. We recommend choosing I love bright colors and take your 8×12 inch sheet of felt that you want to use for the petals of your felt flowers.

2. Cut it Out

Print the pattern directly onto any color freezer paper and softly iron it onto your felt fabric. Paper you have iron it will easily peel off after you have cut out the flower. Use large fabric to cut along the straight inside curve. Then go back with smaller snips to cut it around each petal shape. It’s time to cut out, but then so rapid to assemble.

3. Roll and Glue It

Start rolling at the outer end, glue it along the bottom of the first petal and roll it to secure completely. Next, fold the felt fabric strip longways again, and glue to the two extended sides together. Once you roll the flowers then, apply the little amount of glue to the back and attach the circle that you have cut for the finish.  

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Uses of Felt Flowers 

Uses of Felt Flowers - IceFabrics


You can use these felt flowers for different types of things. For example, these beautiful felt flowers can use used for a headband. You can place them on the headband with glue to get a fresh and polished look. Felt flowers diy can also be the best choice for making greeting cards, accessories, home, and porch decorations.

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Where to Shop Felt Fabric to Make Flowers to Execute Different DIY Projects 


If you are looking to buy Felt Fabrics? You can buy them online from ice fabrics. We have a unique range of felt fabric at Ice Fabrics wholesale in an incredible variety of colors at guaranteed lowest prices. We are popular for providing all types of high-end fabrics to meet our customer’s needs and expectations. Our Felt fabrics colors are perfect for making flowers for cards, headbands, Christmas decorations, beautiful Valentine's Day hearts, and home decorations to have fun on the big day.