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While making a garment, draping fabric is essential. Choosing a fabric that is best for draping will make your outfit exceptional.

There is a misconception that fabric weight and drape are interdependent on each other instead, they are closely related to each other.

People need to understand the meaning of drape and What is Draping? The term describes the fabric hanging on the person's body under its weight. Many fabrics differ in their quality due to their fabric weight and their finishing treatment.

A fabric drape of good quality is very flowy, and it hangs in a body-skimming manner. Fabrics that are high in drape quality are crepe de chine, satin, and chiffon.

A fabric drape of low quality may hang wider and hold its shape more. However, it is the structure and the quality of the fabric as cotton, and linen, which create an expansiveness for dramatic looks.

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What is Draping?

The process of draping involves positioning and pinning fabric on a dress form. With draped fabric, the basic pattern can be created, or the fabric can be played with organically to design.

Drape Vs. Weight:

Like organza, many fabrics are lightweight but not good to drape. As many fabrics may have a heavy weight, it doesn't mean they would have soft drapes. This misconception needs to be cleared.

Choosing The Best Fabric by Its Drape:

To choose the best fabric for you, You need to consider its style, use, and type. These aspects play an important role in what is considered a good drape.

3 Types Of Drape

3 Best Types of Draping - Ice Fabrics

There are mainly three important types of drape which I am going to mention.

1. Fluid Drape: 

Fluid Drape - Ice Fabrics

It is a flowy fabric that immediately gets attached to the body and holds pleats. It gathers very well.



2. Moderate Drape: 

Moderate Drape - Ice Fabrics

Many people consider it the most versatile drape, suitable for various things. However, it skimmed to the body rather than getting attached to it immediately. As a result, it is not flowy, nor is it crisp.

3. Voluminous Drape: 

Voluminous Drape - Ice Fabrics

A fabric with a voluminous drape is often stiffer, which may cause it to get stuck out from the body. This drape is great for special occasions such as weddings or birthday parties.




Which fabric is suitable for draping?

It is important that fabrics and clothes correspond to our lifestyles, and we wear many different fabrics for our active lifestyles, such as stretchy knitted fabrics, chiffon, georgette, organza, sheer cottons, tulle, voile, and light weight silk fabrics are most suitable for fashion draping purpose.

Which is better drape organza or tulle?

These fabrics are good for one thing or another. The only thing it depends on is the type of draping you want. 

Is organza good for draping? 

Yes organza has one of the best fabrics for draping. As I have mentioned above, it is a lightweight, woven plain fabric. Many tailors use organza to create long dresses such as skirts with volume.

Organza is a very strong fabric but does not get caught by its sheer look. Many people may not know, but organza is made from traditional silk, and its cotton variety is called organdy.

Many people consider tulle a white drapery used as decor, but that is not the case. Tulle fabrics vary in texture very much as they have different purposes. 

Many people ask if the tulle is good for draping. 

Bridal tulle is quite an astonishing fabric, and it's quite comfortable to wear. It is very suitable for a wedding in the summer season as it is airy and not so stiff as chiffon. 

Tulle is not as stiff as organza, but both of them have their pros and cons. If you are planning to wear a dress at a wedding, then tulle is the best choice but for simple style clothing organza is quite famous. So if a person asks what fabric is used for wedding arc draping? Your answer would be tulle.

Does Polyester Have Good Drape?

There are many best fabric for draping dresses. Polyester can be used as home decor and as a fashion. If you are budget orientated, polyester is the best option as it is quite cheap compared to other draping fabrics.

One of the major disadvantages of polyester is that it is non-biodegradable and may contribute to soil pollution and litter.


In short, if you want to choose the best fabric for draping, you should consider your budget, quality, and occasion. It is preferable to plan it according to your needs and wants. Draping fabric is quite a common aspect to consider nowadays, so you should choose your fabric after intense research.