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Wedding arches are a beautiful focal point for any wedding. Use decorative draping fabric on your arch to create an elegant look and feel. There are different types of draping fabric you can use for your wedding arch decoration. Find out which is best! The most common draping fabric for weddings used in decorating outdoor wedding arches is Chiffon, Organza, Netting, Tulle, Satin, Lace, and Silk. Of course, other types of fabrics could be used but these seem to be the most popular by far. You can also mix and match two or more fabrics together to get a nice effect.

Draping fabric makes an event more enjoyable by decorating ceilings, walls, tables, and other structures with style. Draping fabric can be used at weddings, graduations, parties, family functions, and many other gatherings to make the environment more interesting and fun to look at. Draping fabric comes in all sorts of colors and patterns so you can easily find one that matches your decoration for the day. Here are some draping fabrics that are great options to use when decorating an arch or other structure at your next special event.

4 Best Fabric Types for Wedding Draping

Event decorators use a variety of cloth for decoration fabric to create custom effects. Each fabric has its characteristics and strengths, as well as some limitations that should be considered before choosing it for your event. Here are some common types of draping fabrics used by event planners:

1. Chiffon Fabric

This is the very first choice of most wedding planners. The reason behind this is the smoothness and texture of the fabric. Chiffon fabric holds its structure without extra pinups and stitching. There is an exotic shine to it too whenever light falls on it. When it is draped on a wedding arch, it does not weigh the arch down due to the lightness of the chiffon fabric. Light very easily passes through it and the air, it flows beautifully and gives a luxurious look to the event. 

This is why wedding planners opt for chiffon. Not only them, but you will also see the gowns and dresses of most of the people at a wedding made up of chiffon fabric. It feels soft and smooth on the skin and gives a classy look to the wearer. 

2. Tulle Fabric

Mostly, tulle draping is used to add volume to the decorations. You will see that bows and flowers are made with tulle fabric as it holds a firm structure but remain soft and smooth. Other than the decorations, elegant bridal veils are made with this fabric to give a graceful movement to the bride. 

As it is polyester-nylon, it is very easy to wash and drying it takes even less time. This is the most common fabric used to make fluffy and voluminous gowns for the brides. 

3. Organza Fabric

Draping becomes easy when you are using a lightweight fabric. This is why most wedding planners choose the organza fabric for draping. There are many cloth designs made with it as there is a sheen to it that makes it a perfect wear for wedding and night events. 

The event planners also use it due to its lightweight as well as attractive sheen and sheerness that makes it the best sheer curtains for wedding arch. It is a crisp drape so it looks amazing with other draping fabrics. And like Tulle, it also put volume to the decorations. 

4. Satin Fabric

Satin is not only soft but a durable draping fabric that does not wrinkle easily. It is not sheer like the others and light does not pass through it very clearly. All these characteristics make it the best fabric for wedding arch draping. There is a shine to it too that whenever light falls on it, it is reflected stunningly. Even after a lot of washing, its softness remains the same as new. 

Choosing the Right Draping Fabric

There are many other types of draping fabric that can be used to decorate ceilings, walls, tables, and other structures. When deciding what kind of draping fabric to use for your event you must take into consideration how much money you want to spend, how long will you need it, and if it’s washable or not. It is common for events to have multiple different kinds of fabric decorations used in conjunction with each other. For example, a stage may have a white drape overhead while having a curtain made out of cloth below it. This is because cloth arch curtains allow more light to pass through them than curtains made out of other fabrics. If you don’t mind spending a lot on event decoration then there are plenty of options available such as silk or satin looks very nice when draped from ceiling to floor.

Things to Consider when Choosing Draping Fabrics

Draping fabric or wedding drape is used to decorate ceilings, walls, tables, and other structures for weddings, graduations, parties, family functions, and others. There are many types of fabric to choose from that have different appearances and textures. The three main factors you need to consider when choosing a wedding drape:

  • Weight 
  • Color tone
  • Smoothness


To conclude it all, there are four main types of fabric to drape for a wedding: tulle, organza, chiffon, and lace. Tulle is heavy and durable, but can be a bit tough to work with; organza drapes well but fades easily; chiffon holds its shape better than most other fabrics but does not wrinkle well; lace has an iridescent sheen that makes it shimmer when light hits it.

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Now, it is up to you to choose which suits you the best! Weigh all options and see what is the best choice for your wedding day.