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There is a lot of fabric for skirts that can help you make the best skirts in the world, so great that you may even open your own boutique. We can tell you about the fabrics, their benefits, and the way to style them for a skirt to have the perfect match for your tops along with the best fabric for skirts that Ice Fabrics is providing. Let's get started then as by now you must know how to make a skirt?

Preparation of Fabric to Make a Skirt

Preparing the fabric for the skirt is quite simple but the most important thing to do.

  • For this important task, you just need to take the fabric, the one you are going to use, and dip it in warm water.
  • After that, let it soak in there for a while, with or without the detergent.
  • Afterward, take out the fabric and hang it to air dry.
  • After air drying, you will notice that your fabric has shrunk a little.

That is the whole purpose of washing the fabric before making a skirt. Now that the fabric has shrunk, you don't need to worry about it shrinking further as it is a one-time thing only.

Items you Require

When you are going to prepare the fabric for the skirt, here are some things that you must have so that you can sit comfortably and continue with your work. These include pen or chalk, paper, scissors that don't flair the fabric, measuring tape for measuring the proper lengths and sizes, matching threads, a zip if you want to add it, and iron so that you can iron the fabric to perfection. Not to mention, the most important thing, the sewing machine!

Most Common Types of Skirts

There are numerous types of skirts that you can opt for, starting from:

1. A-line Skirt

A-like skirts are tight from the hips and loose as they go down. It is in the pattern of the alphabet 'A', which makes it cool. Some people even add a slit near one of the sides, not the actual sides, to make it a little bold. They can be knee-length, short, or long too. The most preferred fabric for this is satin or wool.

2. Pencil Skirts

Pencil skirts are more like an official clothing item for official business or meetings. It reaches below the knees, fits snugly from the waist, and is loose down. The most preferred fabric for this is silk.

3. Miniskirts

Miniskirts are everyone's favorite with them reaching just above the knees and fitting perfectly from the waist to the end. They are not too tight, and neither are too loose. People prefer using any kind of stretchy material like cotton or even denim fabric as they are practically the opposite of maxi.

4. Gathered Skirts

A gathered skirt is made by seaming a lot of fabric together and by leaving a half an inch space left on both sides. You can seam the skirt in the zig-zag manner as it is the most preferred one. For a gathered skirt, cotton fabric is the best option as it will be easily breathable.

5. Mermaid Skirts

Just like its name states, it is like a mermaid's tail. In this, the waist area down to the knees is tight and fits snugly and from down there, it flares. Organza fabric and chiffon fabric are the most used fabrics for the flaring of the mermaid's tail skirts.

While the skirts styles mentioned above are among the most popular, there are more unique designs waiting to be explored. One such style is the paperbag waist skirt, a chic and flattering choice that adds a sophisticated twist to any outfit. Let's dive into how to make a Paperbag Waist Skirt and discover how you can create this stylish piece for your collection.

Best Fabric for a Summer Skirt

The best fabrics for summer skirts are quite numerous. Every fabric is better than another, but only a few qualities make them different from each other. All the listed below fabric types are suitable for one or another skirt shape and all these fabrics are available here, at Ice Fabrics. Let’s get to all of these:

1. Cotton

Cotton fabric is commonly used in summers due to its extremely best ability to be breathable. It lets your skin breathe easily without getting affected by the harsh heat of the summers and is the best fabric for A-line skirts. So, get comfy, cover, and beauty from cotton fabric when used as a skirt!

2. Voile

Voile is a mixture of cotton and linen which makes it the best prospect of skirt fabric material. It is lightweight and easy to carry, hence why it is named voile which is the French word for veil. You can use it to style your skirt erotically and add a more feminine touch to your clothing.

3. Polycotton

Poly cotton fabric or in other words polyester cotton is also a great fabric to be used for skirt making. It is easy to use, and take care of, easily washable, and comfy on the body. Give your body the cover and comfy it needs with this fabric. The best use of this cotton is as a mini skirt fabric.

4. Poplin

Poplin gives a strong and crisp look to the skirt and doesn't let your skirt fly with airflow. Poplin fabric is a worldwide known material best used for things like raincoats, shirts, skirts, and other things. A benefit of making this fabric skirt is that even if it is raining, you don't have to worry about getting wet.

5. Stretch Cotton

This material is the best so far for a skirt. This is because if you get the right size of the skirt made, the stretchy material will give it a cool appearance, but if the skirt is mistakenly made tight, no worries as still it will fit you snugly. This material is best for skirt fabric for party nights out.


Some of the frequently asked questions about types of fabric for the skirt and how to make a skirt are answered below. You will get to know all you need by reading further. We hope all your queries are answered by these questionnaires!

How many yards to make a skirt?

You only need about 1 yard of any fabric to make a skirt, about 0.914 meters. If you want to make the circle skirt, then it is quite impossible to make it from only one yard, for that, you need at the very least about 60 inches of wide fabric to make the perfect circle skirt. If you want to make a body con skirt, then at least 3 yards of fabric are needed to make the perfect bodycon skirt. Any other skirt type can easily be made from 1 to 2 yards of any fabric of your choice.

How to sew a bodycon skirt?

There are a lot of different types of skirts, but making a body con skirt is quite easy but troublesome at the same time. Just keep one thing in mind, when you are cutting the fabric, leave one inch of seam allowance and as you go down it should decrease to half an inch to fit snugly. Just use fitted skinny jeans or another pair of body con skirts that you may have and trace out the pattern for the skirt. After that, try wearing the skirt inside out you made and if it is loose, pin those areas for easy sewing later.

What fabric is best for a circle skirt?

Circle skirts are draped and fall off freely. and only a few materials provide it with a flattering look. Materials such as linen, cotton, rayon, etc. Are the best for this purpose as they are soft and give the perfect flow to the skirt.

What material are most skirts made of?

Most of the skirts are made from cotton as it is the most desirable fabric globally. After cotton, linen is used a lot too. Cotton, people use because it is cheaper than any other material, and it is also easy to make skirts with cotton fabric, and even easier to manage and care for cotton.

What fabric is used for skirts?

A lot of fabrics are used for skirts, but the commonly used and most desired one is cotton. Cotton has the most qualities to have a perfect skirt or any other clothing item, not to mention its cheap price and easy care.


In the end, the choice is yours to select the type of fabric you want to make any type of skirt. But some skirts can only be made from a particular type of fabric. Like you can't make a circle skirt with the poplin fabric, as a pol in it will not give the circle skirt its much-needed flare or the flattering look. Only cotton can do that or linen as well. So make sure the material you are buying from Ice Fabrics is the right one for the skirt you want to make.

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