Faux Fur Fabric By The Yard Faux Fur Material Fashion Fabric Yellow & Black

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Size: By The Yard (60 inches Wide)
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Add a splash of color and texture to your appearance with this 3 Tone Long Pile Design Faux Fur Fake Fabric. Mock fur is an ideal choice for the winter season to design your dresses or jackets coats. 

3 Tone Long Pile Design 60" Wide Faux Fur Fake Fabric

If you want a High splendid look, then naturally, you could go for faux fur.

We have a mighty collection of faux fur fabric to make a sleek & fabulous style in summer. Animals' faux fur is perfect for winter wardrobes & accessories.

Fashion designers demand our long pile of Faux fur. Faux fur is not only used by designers but also you can design your favorite types of outfits as well. Do you hate the cold? When winter comes, do you feel trapped inside like a caged beast? Would you instead burrow under blankets than step foot outside your den? Then cover yourself with a three-tone long pile shrug & go for any place where you want.

3 Tone Long Pile Design Faux Fur Fake Fabric is made up of 3 colors and is designed to mimic the appearance and texture of real animal fur. This is an outstanding fabric using the most sought-after faux fur. It creates an extreme fashion statement and wraps yourself in your own design for warmth, comfort, and mood adjustment. 

Read more for Yellow, Green, Red Multicolor Faux Fur Fabric For Coats Jackets Bedding Customs Blankets.

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