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The dress of your dreams will come true only when you choose the right material for the occasion.

The choice of fabric is a very important step in the process of making clothes because different fabrics will give a different shape and will fit the same garment. Some garments have a shiny sheen, while others do not. Similarly, some fabrics are hard and textured while others are soft and fluffy, which makes them more suitable for the specific silhouette. A combination of fabrics can also be used to make a gown, where a stiff fabric is used to create the desired shape of the gown and a piece of soft fabric is used as a cover to give this piece a delicate finish.

Once you have chosen your dress silhouette based on your situation and body type, you can choose the most suitable fabric for that silhouette. Below is an overview of the different fabric features so that you can make the right choice to create your desired shape.

Common Fabrics Used for Gowns

1. Satin

Satin is a structured fabric with a shiny finish that makes the garment move. Due to its luster, it is a popular choice for both wedding dresses and formal evening dresses. This stuff works well with A-line silhouettes or prom dresses and is suitable for cold weather as it is quite heavy.

2. Crepe

Easily shaped, crepe is known for its wrinkled, matte surface and flowing texture. Although French crepe is lightweight, it is often used in evening wear because it retains its shape well. This fabric gives the product beauty and femininity and is also very comfortable to wear.

3. Charmeuse

Charmeuse is a lightweight fabric with a rich luster that looks an attractive touch. The fabric is like satin and can be used to make beautiful mermaids and trumpets. With its beautiful draping and beautiful luster, it is perfect for formal occasions and is often used in bridal attire.

4. Velvet

Velvet is a durable fabric that adds sparkle to clothing, making it the perfect choice for Indian evening wear. It gives the dress a beautiful drape and flatters the figure, making it perfect for mermaids and sheath salutes. If you are planning to look your best for a future event, velvet should be the go-to material for you.

5. Brocade

Brocade is a hard, jacquard-coated fabric that can be identified by the pattern embossed on the fabric. This fabric has a beautiful and rich finish and is perfect for wedding dresses, especially in the colder months. Brocade is often used in puffy skirts to add texture and hardness.

Soft Fabrics Used for Gowns

1. Chiffon

Chiffon is a light, transparent, matte fabric. It's easy to get around and perfect for daytime activities. This fabric combines well with the fly-a-line silhouette and is perfect for summer wedding dresses. If you want a soft and feminine look then this dress is for you.

2. Lace

Lace is often used as the upper layer of wedding dresses to add a vintage and feminine look. Superficial mesh and lace are also used to make illusion collars and sleeves. Lace is made from a variety of fabrics, such as chanterelles and eyelets, and gives each fabric a distinct shape.

3. Organza

Organza is a thin fabric that looks like a rag but has a slight luster. It is even harder than chiffon and is often used to add volume to evening dresses. This fabric is suitable for making puffy skirts, trains, and veils.

Other Fabrics Used for Gowns

In addition to the commonly used fabrics above, many other fabrics can be used in the design of the gowns. Some of them are listed below.

1. Georgette

Georgette is a transparent and flowing fabric with no wrinkled texture and no luster. Used to make overlapping bridal and evening gowns. The fabric has a sharp texture that gives a playful but feminine feel, but its opacity makes it less suitable for holiday wear.

2. Taffeta

Taffeta is a smooth, dense, satin-like fabric, but light in color, with a light sheen. This fabric is sometimes used to add texture to the prom dresses and gowns. Its smooth coating creates an amazing shine in dresses that gives a glamourous look at an event.

3. Tulle

The tulle is a breathable, transparent material, often used in lining clothes to complete the skirt. It is a beautiful and delicate fabric, ideal for both curtains and puffy prom dresses. For this reason, tulle is mainly used in prom dresses and Christian wedding dresses.

5 Most Popular Fabrics Used for Gowns

Prom dresses come in a variety of fabrics and styles. Some fabrics are suitable for fine embroidery and patterns, while others are light and allow your dress to flow beautifully.

No matter what material you choose, gowns will make you look gorgeous and elegant on your important day. We have listed the best materials used to create prom dresses so you can decide which one suits you the best.

List of the best fabrics used for Gowns

  • Satin
  • Chiffon
  • Organza
  • Tulle
  • Lace

All of these above-listed fabrics have already been discussed above.

The ball gown shape is A-line, which is the best design for all body types and shapes. The gowns are nearly identical, but the difference is that the more magnificent the skirt, the more magnificent the prom dress is. Meanwhile, to make your big day unforgettable, you will need to choose the most beautiful ball dress. And, the beauty depends on the material of the gown! 

While there are many other fabrics on the market, the ones listed above are the most popular. Some prom dresses are also made from stretch crepe, charmeuse, taffeta, jerseys, etc. Many of these fabrics have some characteristics similar to satin.

In general, the material you choose for your ball gown will largely depend on the weather, the theme of the wedding, and of course your preferences, so choose wisely.