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Minky is a very soft fabric and can be used for different types of quilting projects. In this article we show you How to Sew a Minky Baby Blanket!. Minky blankets stay softer much longer than classic blankets. This is because they are 100% polyester, which is heavier and plusher than fleece, which is what most blankets are made from. This more robust fabric means your blanket will stay just as soft and warm as the day you brought it home. Looking for a perfect step-by-step sewing project, then our guide will allow you to sew a Minky Baby blanket! 

Supplies you Need to Sew a Minky Baby Blanket

Minky Blanket Supplies

  • Sewing Machine
  • Permanent marker 
  • Pins
  • Thread
  • Different cutting tools (Scissors, rotary cutter, craft knife)

1. Mark Minky Fabric Before you Cutting 

Mark Minky Fabric Before you Cutting  - IceFabrics


Minky fabric has a slight stretch because it is a weave, which can cause it to be a bit suspicious when sewing and cutting. So first, put your piece of Minky fabric on a flat surface like a floor, dining room table, or a cutting mat, depending on the size. Next, use chalk or a permanent marker to mark your cutting lines or curves on the back of the fabric. You can also use a ruler to hold nicely in a place. 

2. Use Pins to Avoid Slip and Slide

Use Pins to Avoid Slip and Slide - IceFabrics


When working with Minky fabric, use pins because it will slip and slide and mess you up fast if you don’t pin it. So always pin about an inch apart that will let you easily complete your sewing project without any slipping. 

3. Cut Minky Fabric with the Right Instrument

Cut Minky Fabric with the Right Instrument - IceFabrics


Once your fabric is marked and pinned, then you can cut the fabric with the proper and sharp tool that makes the cutting process easier. We recommend a rotary cutter, scissors, or a craft knife that will work well with Minky fabric, but it depends on which types of Minky fabric you’re working with. a rotary cutter works best with Minky dots blanket because the cutter will quick and minimize the mess. If you are more careful, then you can use a blade to cut it. If you’re planning on cutting shapes out of Minky fabric, scissors are your best option. But for higher pile Minky fabric, you can use a craft knife as a better option.

4. Remove the Minky Fabric Mess Before you Sew

Remove the Minky Fabric Mess Before you Sew - IceFabrics


As all of us know, cuts will create different amounts of mess, but if you are cutting several pieces of fabric, it’s important to get rid of the mess before you start sewing with your blanket. Dealing with a Minky fabric mess is easy to remove, so when you are done, there will be little unclear pieces all over the floor that can easily clean up with a vacuum.

5. Use a 90/14 Stretch Needle

Use a 90/14 Stretch Needle - IceFabrics


Minky fabric is a knit, so we recommend using a 90/14 stretch needle will help stop making holes in the fabric, and it helps prevent skipped stitches. In addition, this needle has a rounded end and is not quite as sharp as other needles, which allows it to go through the fabric easier. If you are using a thicker Minky, you might want to try upping the size of the needle, but honestly speaking, the 90/14 works well.

6. Use a Walking Foot

Use a Walking Foot - IceFabrics


Always use a walking foot while working with Minky fabric. A walking foot drops down to hold the fabric but lifts up as you sew, which allows the fabric through much more smoothly and efficiently. They generally come with most machines now, but if you don’t have them, then buy to complete your Minky baby blanket. They’re great for working with Minky dots, but they’re good for other types of fabric as well. 

7. Use Polyester Thread to Sew

Use Polyester Thread to Sew - IceFabrics


When sewing a Minky baby blanket, always sew with polyester thread to maximize the stitch strength. Because Minky fabric is a knit polyester, it has stretch naturally. Polyester thread has a bit of stretch too. So when you combine the two, they work together perfectly. 

8. Use Basting Spray

Use Basting Spray on Minky Fabric for Baby Blanket


Put basting spray to keep Minky fabric in position while sewing. Basting spray is the best way to hold strips when pinning or hold two layers together while binding. No need to worry about basting spray washing because it can be wash with a bar of soap. 

What is so Special About Minky Blankets?  

Are you wondering about what is a Minky blanket? Well! A Minky blanket is made of Minky fabric to keep the baby warm yet comfortable. Baby mink blankets are easy to sew, very simple, and very inexpensive. We enlist some key features of the baby blankets to know why Minky baby blankets are best than any other.

  • Warm and Comfortable

Minky Blankets are perfect for providing enough warmth and comfort but are light and comfortable, so you can snuggle up on the couch or outside with ease. 

  • Easy to Maintain 

Minky blankets are easy to care for and maintain. You can wash it by hand or machine to keep it tidy and clean. There is no need to worry about the blanket's softness or shine; after washing, you can get a new blanket with the same shine and softness. 

  • Multiple Styles, Colors, and Sizes

No matter who you are looking for. You can find all types of styles and colors from Ice fabrics wholesale you will love. Minky fabrics are available in numerous colors and sizes, so you can buy according to your need and make a double-sided Minky blanket and single side blankets for your entire family or for an individual. 

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We have a variety of Minky fabrics made from a high-quality material which gives those more of a silk consistency and is designed to be long-lasting, incredibly soft, and extremely comfortable. Purchasing single Minky fabrics from us eliminates the need to buy any other fabric to design a bay blanket for several years. 

No matter what style of Minky fabric you are looking for? We have many soft, comfortable, light, and stylish choices to choose from. Our high-quality Minky fabric makes the blankets extremely soft and stays softer longer than your average blanket. They also come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes.