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Show your creativity by making DIY Pom Pom for a hat, cute accessories, and jewelry like dangling earrings. Now winter is around the corner, and it is the time of crocheting many hats and beanies. The crochet design crochet hats and beanies will look very attractive, especially when you add faux fur pom-poms to them. Creating pom pom for yourself is very affordable than purchasing them readymade. You can get creative by buying faux fur fabric from Ice Fabrics wholesale and make adorable Pom Pom in many sizes and colors. 

Are you looking for how to make a pom-pom for a hat? Then, scroll down to keep reading and find out all about the materials you’ll need, where to buy them, and step-by-step guidelines on how to quickly get your own handmade faux fur pom poms.


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The Material you Need to Make Faux Fur Pom Poms

  • Faux Fur Fabric 
  • Tapestry needle 
  • Scissors
  • Bowl and pen to trace the circle
  • Polyfill stuffing 
  • Thread 

Step 1: Get Faux Fur and Trace it with a Round Object 

Get the faux fur fabric you plan to use for your fur Pom Pom balls. Long pile faux fur fabric is the best choice to make the best pom pom. You can shop faux fur by the yard from a lot of different places. For example, Ice Fabrics usually have a lot of designs in fur. Once you get the fabric, gather up some round objects (bowl) in the size you’d like and trace a circle. For small pom poms, you can use four inches in diameter and medium pom poms five inches, and the big at six or seven inches. 

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Step 2: Cut Along the Circle 

After marking a circle of the size that you’d like to make your pom pom cut it out carefully by making sure you are cutting the fabric and not directly over the fur. Cleaning the fur away from where you are cutting and just snipping the fabric is the best course of action.


Step 3: Start Sewing

Thread your needle with a double thread to make it strong and durable. Bind the beginning of your sewing by doing cross-stitch so that it stays in place at the beginning. Then stitch it half the way around the perimeter of your circle. Once you have sewn your faux fur piece about half the way around, cinching it up. When you have almost finished, place your fingers in the middle of your pom pom and cinch it up really strongly. 


Step 4: Stuffing Time

Once you cinched it up perfectly, then go ahead and throw your stuffing. You can always use two of Polyfil stuffing lying around, but if you don’t have one, you can use cotton balls or even yarn leftovers from another project to fill your poms! Feel free to stuff all the fur mess that fell as you were cutting in there too! Keep cinching and sew it complete and secure the thread.  

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Step 5: Shape and Design your Pom Pom

To get chic and well-organized faux fur pom pom to look its best, you should have to comb it into shape. Combing makes the furry pom-pom for hats very pretty and shapes it accurately the way you like it.


How to Attack the Pom Pom with the Hat?

As we have mentioned above, many tips to make a pom pom for a hat! But If you are wondering how to attach fur pom pom balls with a hat, then start by sewing a button on the inside of the top of your hat and then simply thread your pom pom through. Then, you can remove your pom pom when you want to wash the hat. 

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Where do I Buy Faux Fur?

Let’s talk about the faux fur fabric store! You can choose Ice Fabrics wholesale, which is the best destination for shopping for any type of fabric, including faux fur fabric.


You can buy any color and size from us. Look for the longest faux fur and cut the smallest measure of yardage. If you want to order a single piece of faux fur fabric or in bulk, we have got you covered. You can get a faux fur fabric to make your own pom pom balls. Now order and design a variety of colorful furry pom-pom for yourself and your best friend.