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Embellished fabric is one of the most elegant fabrics to design your favorite types of dresses. Beaded fabric for dresses is beautifully designed and provides a tasteful sparkle. But sewing with heavily embellished fabric requires a lot of patience and more energy. The end result, however, is incredibly rewarding.

How do you Sew Embellished Fabric?

Working on an embellished fabric is very easy as it just requires a few steps that make the fabric classy to wear.

  • Preparing and cutting the Embellished fabric
  • Underlying the fabric
  • Removing the beads from the corner of the fabric before sewing 
  • Deal with the darts
  • Sew and catch-stitch the side seams
  • Prepare the lining

For preparing the embellished fabric, you have to make the same size pieces. This can be done by cutting the fabric on the horizontal side from the middle of the fabric. For this purpose, you must use an old scissor because of beads. 

Once the pieces are cut, remove the sequins/beads up to the seamlines you marked on the back of the fabric. The seam allowance along each edge should not have any sequins or beads prior to stitching the seams together.

But if you are worried about How to sew sequin fabric on sewing machine? No need to worry; you can easily sew the sequins fabric on the machines by removing the sequins from both edges of the fabric. 

After the sequins are removed from both edges, you can stitch the seam as you would with any regular fabric. 

Before anything further, let’s see some of the fabrics that come with embroidery too. Not all types of fabrics are suitable for heavy work, so only some types of materials are used for embroidery. One of these types is tulle. It is a fabric with a certain elasticity and, depending on its strength, allows delicate embroidery. Tulle is widely used in party, bridal, and ballet costumes, but its application in fashion is much more diverse. The tulle fabric not only stays in its shape, but it also is easy to make stylish gowns and luxurious dresses.

Tips for Sewing with Tulle

There are types of fabric found in tulle; some are soft and flowy, and some are thick and stiff. Some tips must be followed to sew tulle fabric. These tips are

  • Use safety pins(small size pins are recommended)
  • Switch to a zig-zag stitch for seams(a narrow zig-zag is better)
  • Replace your sewing machine foot to allow the tulle to slide underneath the foot more easily.
  • Don't iron tulle because tulle is synthetic and will melt if you put the iron directly on top of it. (steamer is recommended.
  • Leave hems raw

How to Sew Beads onto Fabric?

After cutting the fabric carefully into both equal pieces now, you can sew beads on the fabric using an embroidery frame hook. This technique helps apply many beads to the fabric easily with perfect grace. Chain stitch is used for applying embellishments on the fabric by pulling it with the thread containing beads. 

How to Sew Stretch Sequin Fabric?

There are 5 most common ways for sewing the stretch sparkly fabric, and the beautiful beaded fabric for a dress will be ready. The ways to sew sequin fabric are:

  1. First, you need to choose the simple pattern 
  2. Check whether the inside of the sequin fabric is scratchy, and think about adding a thin satin lining to make it more comfortable to wear.
  3. Removing sequins before sewing sequin fabric - If you have really hard to cut sequins, you may need to remove some from the edges in order to get the scissors through.
  4. Sewing sequin fabric can be done by machine or by hand. Of course, using a machine is quicker, but sometimes you will have no choice but to hand sew, especially if you can't remove the excess sequins from the seam allowance.
  5. If you do need to finish the edges, you could try a zig-zag stitch or bias tape covering
  6. Use specific areas for working on a sequin fabric because it will be sequins everywhere while cutting and preparing the fabric.
  7. Do not iron the sequin fabric because it will damage the sequins. 

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How to Sew Mesh by Hand?

Mesh fabric is a little slippery and has a lot of little holes in it. It is not very difficult to sew mesh fabric if you sew it properly. 

You can sew a mesh fabric in some steps. These steps are:

  1. You can use a needle for sewing a mesh fabric because the fabric is slippery.
  2. Match the exact color of the thread according to the fabric. Polyester thread works best for some types of mesh fabric, but for all types of mesh fabric, all-purpose polyester thread is perfect.
  3. You can use scissors, but using a mat or a rotary cutter would be the best option.
  4. Use chalks and erasable pens for marking 
  5. Due to the holes & slippery nature of mesh, using quilter clips is a better choice than pins. Alternatively, extra fine pins are a better option than regular pins.

How to Sew Lace Together?

For sewing lace together, you can use different laces. However, it is worthwhile sewing lace carefully the moment you see your luxurious, romantic, delicate, and demine lace clothes.

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What Needle to Use for Sewing Sequins?

Use 100/16 Universal Ball Point Needle sewing sequins. Never use an iron directly on sequins. Use a press cloth with a low heat setting when needed.

How to get Wrinkles Out of a Sequin Dress?

Lay the item flat in its original form on a drying rack. Or hang it to dry. Don't dry it in the dryer. For wrinkle-free results, steaming is recommended. A steamer is the best choice to get wrinkled-free sequins to dress. You don't need to use an iron to get wrinkles out of a sequins dress.


For sewing the embroidered fabric, you just need to follow some precautions. It is necessary because without this, it is not easy to sew the fabric, and you have to face many obstacles while sewing and cutting the fabric.