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  • Introduction 
  • Types of Laces 
  • Beaded Mesh Lace
  • Mesh Lace 
  • 3D Flowers Lace
  • French Lace 
  • Sequins Lace 
  • Embroidered Lace

Lace is a decorative fabric ornament with sophisticated beads, crystals, flecks, flowers, and threads. Often made by polyester & it has a distinct embroidered pattern.
The lace fabric is the most well-known and widely used stuff. It is a favorite fabric item when it comes to wedding dresses, adding grace and enhancement. All laces are easy to combine with other fabrics and perfect to execute all types of dresses.
Laces are also come up in many sizes like Length 36 inches and Width 50/54 inches and hundreds of beautiful colors.

What are the Different Types of Lace Fabric?

There are many types of lace. They are different from each other due to different designs and styles. 

1.    Beaded Mesh Lace

Beaded Mesh Lace - IceFabrics

Beaded Lace is embellished with beads, flowers, and sequins to produce a gorgeous appearance. Beaded lace with sequins & beads has embroidered with metallic threads, which give you a beautiful look and set you apart from others. 

The color of the lace ground matches the embroidered design and beads as well. Edges of the lace have a carefully shaped scalloped edge that gives it a neat finish. 

The lace is made of 100% polyester and has attractive features. The beaded lace is decorative & has embroidery details with high-quality thread beads and sequins. 

Beaded lace is based on amazing quality stuff; it is comfortable and soft to the touch. It comes with a dazzling design according to the latest trends. If you want a fabulous look at your big day, then consider our beaded mesh lace that has unique details of beads encrusted work and threads that are ideal for overlays on evening gowns, wedding dresses, party, prom, dance dresses, and other garment projects. Read More

2.    Mesh Lace

Mesh Lace - IceFabrics

Mesh lace is soft and delicate stuff embroidered with shiny sequins and threads. This has comfy stuff that gives it amazing draping capabilities, perfect for creating a soft and flowy romantic look! 

There are a lot of colors & designs available of mesh laces, but all designs are characterized by their lightweight, comfortable, and luxurious texture. The lace look is considered both elegant and delicate-- it has a feminine quality to it, so all women love to wear it at all types of events to get a polished look. 

Bridal Wedding Mesh Laces are beautiful, stylish & embroidered with silky threads that make it magnificent. Some mesh laces have just two side borders embroidery, and some are full of embroidery. 

Mesh lace is durable & made of high-quality 100 % polyester that you can buy from ICE Fabrics with decorative work of small sequins and metallic colored threads that heighten the brilliance of the lace. The embellishment of the lace covers all wearer with beautiful drape. 

This lace can be used for wedding dresses, tablecloths, nightgowns, prom gowns, bridal gowns, wedding gowns, ballet wear, runners, Vegas shows dresses, pillows, decoration as well. So it’s more likely that women will fall in love with mesh lace while men will not. Well, men will admire their brides in mesh wedding dresses as well as sexy lace lingerie. Read More

3.    3D Flowers Lace

3D Flowers Lace - IceFabrics

3D Flowers lace appliques are the latest wedding dresses trends that are ornamented with small soft petals to full flowers and glamour beads. 3D flowers lace can create an unforgettable graceful look for a bride seeking the ultimate floral design. Flowers lace comes up with the beautiful border on both sides of the width and exquisitely full embellishment of 3D flowers.  

This is an attractive embroidered flower lace that features feminine fronds bending dramatically across the fabric.

3D flowers lace available with a bunch of impressive designs and dozens of colors, 3D flowers lace fabric is embellished with 3D flowers, embroidered to the wedding dress or party dress material with glittering metallic thread, Pearlescent beads, and translucent sequins complete the splendid look.

3D flowers lace made of high quality 100% material that makes the stuff reliable and long-lasting. 100% pure polyester blend makes the lace light and breathable for the wearer. 

3D flowers lace has a remarkable design, and attractive pattern through the beautiful hotchpotch of flowers, sequins, beads & threads, as well as these, are exclusive gifts for all who love to capture the admiration from everyone at any party. 

3D flowers floral lace can be used for wedding, prom, party, night dance party engagement dresses. On the other hand, it also can be used for runners, tablecloths, and other decoration projects to add some shine to the whole setting. Read More

4.    French Lace

French Lace - IceFabrics

French lace fabrics are various kinds of laces designs that come up mostly in floral patterns and are often decorated with beads, sequins, and metallic threads.

French laces are popular and get the highest acknowledgment for the delicate vibe of femininity. 

This is sexy and illuminating yet plays a vital role in keeping the wearer on-trend. Its soft surface to fall in soft folds that softly hug the body. 

French lace complement in everything we associate with beauty, style, chic, charm, and quality. The variety of designs and patterns can challenge for those who are searching for choosing the right fabric for a wedding dress, party, prom, dance, or a special occasion gown.

French Lace is versatile, and every clothing item you can design by using French lace. From blouses with lace enclosures to a wedding dress overlaid with a piece of French lace fabric. 

French lace is durably created to stay with you forever. All of the elements work in perfect coordination to produce a dazzling yet stylish aesthetic. Read More

5.    Sequins Lace

Sequins Lace - IceFabrics

Sequin lace is a type of fabric decorated with different shaped sequins. It's vary in size, shape, design, and color. There is nothing more glamorous than sequins lace! 

The sequins lace catch the light so gorgeously, allowing you to shine from all angles. Sequins lace come up with a variety of design as Mermaids sequins lace, stretch sequin lace fabric, 4-way stretch sequins lace fabric, iridescent, and hologram sequins lace fabric.

Sequins lace fabric has dozens of geometrical shapes sequins embellishment, but at ICE Fabrics, you can get around the square and oval-shaped sequins design lace fabric. 

Women most liked sequins lace wear sequins lace skirts, dresses, and blouses as a symbol of wealth. The second technique is commonly found in sequins lace embellished with two-toned sequins, which means that the two sides of each disk are different in color; that’s why these are known as mermaid sequins lace.

Mermaid sequin lace dress changes the color when sweeping a hand over; you can change the color and the design of the lace.

Sequins lace fabric will have one glossy side and one matte side. You can design a jacket or a blazer, wedding dress, dance party dress to add gloss to your evening look. Not only that, but sequins lace is also used in decorating the table at night event & best for pillows covers that bring an amazing element to any interior.

At ICE Fabrics, you can shop beautiful collection of high quality and durable sequins lace to get a comfortable and glittery feel at night party. Read More

6.    Embroidered Lace

Embroidered Lace - IceFabrics

Embroidered lace is embroidered with high quality silky and metallic thread and has the combination of different decorative shiny and precious beads embellishment and sparkling accents with eye-catching elements. Embroidered lace is embroidered with needlepoint with beautiful details. Embroidered lace is Very light, airy, and comfortable to wear and touch, but deliver the soft draping slight structure. 

Embroidered laces are available in the mighty designs and the variety of attractive and bright colors. 

Embroidered laces have an exquisite and pleasing design that can be a perfect item to design occasional dresses like wedding attire, evening dress, celebrations, or any other festival.

Interestingly, the embroidered lace fabric is also used in home decor products such as curtains, lampshades, and table cloths. Lace pillows have a charming, decorative look. Embroidered lace remains popular today for its fine ground, beautiful pattern, and ample detail. Read More



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