Acrylic Felt Fabric Color Chart

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Color Chart for Acrylic Felt Fabric

Felt is one of the most versatile and beautiful fabrics to create and finish DIY projects. It's easy to cut, affordable, and provides maximum craft-ability. Felt fabric is perfect for home and fashion projects. It is easy to sew or glue and has no raveling edges. Both sides of the fabric are the same color.

Ice Fabrics carefully designed an Acrylic Felt Fabric chart that includes a wide variety of vibrant and pure colors and is available in cut sheets and yardage. We have been honored to be the largest supplier of felt fabric for over ten years.

Although we try to match exact colors, color accuracy may vary from screen to screen, and we suggest purchasing a swatch chart for complete color accuracy. The colors you see on your screen might not exactly match the fabric. We encourage you to request a felt fabric chart if you are concerned about the exact color match. 

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Printed sheet of paper not swatches

The photo shows a page of swatches but what I received was a printed piece of paper. I emailed the company to see if this was a mistake with no response. This was not worth the $11 and gives a poor first impression.