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Look handsome and charming with this Stretch stylish Taffeta Fabric that is durable. Taffeta fabric will light up your day, and you will look like a princess as well.

High-Quality Stretch Taffeta Fabric 60" Wide

From the interior decoration to the dress, the taffeta is a fabulous fabric. Not only does it look attractive, and it creates an equal sense of good feeling when you touch it. The materials used to weave this fabric is smoothly blended, which creates a smooth texture for the final product. This fabric is ideal if you do not want to compromise the comfort feature of a beautiful and contrasting look. 

We want to see happy and gorgeous, that's why we are offering a vast collection of Taffeta fabric that will enhance your beauty. Our Stretch taffeta is ideal for ballgowns, dresses, wedding gowns, and home decoration as well.

High-Quality Stretch Taffeta Fabric Sold By The Yard 50'' Wide has an attractive design and soft texture as well. This luxurious fabric features a crisp look with a smooth surface. This durable fabric is stretchy and comfortable. 

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Key Features of "High-Quality Stretch Taffeta Fabric Sold By The Yard 60'' Wide"

  1. Made of high-quality polyester material.
  2. Machine and hand washable.
  3. Quality material maximizes its durability.
  4. Comfy and breathable to wear.
  5. Perfect for all types of dresses.
  6. Luxurious and up-to-date features.
  7. Finely finished.
  8. This fabric is available in various bright colors.
  9. It will enrich your beauty.

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Product Availability

IceFabrics offers "High-Quality Stretch Taffeta Fabric Sold By The Yard 60" Wide" in variant colors and unique size.


  Width:    58/60 inches wide


  • Off White
  • White
  • Ivory
  • Pink
  • Turquoise
  • Royal Blue
  • Red
  • Burgundy
  • Yellow
  • Fuchsia
  • Violet
  • Purple
  • Gray
  • Silver
  • Navy Blue
  • Black

High-Quality Stretch Taffeta Fabric is available in attractive colors. We are suggesting different types of laces that are inexpensive with high-quality stuff. We are providing 24\7 free worldwide delivery with a simple return\excahnge process. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About "High-Quality Stretch Taffeta Fabric"

What is the taffeta fabric used for?
Due to its rich and luxurious feel and appearance, taffeta is used to make wedding gowns, evening dresses, prom dresses, jackets, and other kinds of party wear. The stiffer variant of taffeta can also be used to make curtains as the fabric holds its shape when drawn together, thereby enhancing the aesthetics of a room.
Is taffeta fabric washable?
Taffeta should be dry cleaned or hand-washed with cold water. ... Hot water can cause dyes to bleed. Use a gentle detergent. Do not wring or twist the garment to avoid damaging the fabric and ruining the shape.
Is taffeta breathable?
Nylon, polyester, taffeta – used across all ranges of sleeping bags, from high end to budget, these materials are soft on the skin and breathable. Taffeta is the highest quality. Polycotton – very comfortable against your delicate skin, but takes longer to dry, making it less suitable for colder climates.
What does taffeta fabric look like?
Taffeta is an elegant, crisp, noisy woven fabric with a lustrous sheen that rustles when you walk! It's the highly twisted yarn that gives taffeta its characteristic crispness and these days taffeta can be found made from a variety of modern fibers such as polyester, acetate, or even a blend of these fibers.
Can taffeta be ironed?
Taffeta fabrics are delicate and require careful ironing to keep their beautiful and elegant features. In ironing a taffeta fabric, make sure not to rest the iron on the material so you will not burn your fabric and change its color. With this in mind, you can easily iron a taffeta fabric.

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