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Color: Ivory
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Everyone wants a perfectly stunning wedding dress that makes charming. We have a lot of bridal dresses These are the most elegant and glamorous outfits distinguished by others styles and designs, made of elite fashionable materials and adorned with delightful decor. Every bride's dream to look beautiful.
According to the new fashion and trend, we have a lot of Beaded Mesh laces that give you a great feel & the classic sophistication of high fashion sewing dresses at an attractive price.
As other beautiful flower laces and Mesh Lace are on hand today which are stunning to give prominence to beautiful hand specifying & embroidery.
Bridal\ Wedding Beaded Mesh Lace Fabrics is a very attractive and beautiful lace, embroidered with glass beads and sequins. The color of the mesh ground matches the embroidered design. Edges of the lace have a carefully completed scalloped edge that gives the lace an elegant finish. Small beads attached with matched color threads as well provide must comfort to the wearer.


Features Of The High-quality Handmade Lace Fabrics

  1. Stylish, delicate and breathable to the all
  2. Decorated with quality glass beads and with sequins that increase lace beauty
  3. Fine finishing and standard embroidery
  4. Latest to the design and exclusive
  5. Attractive hand beaded with shiny specks
  6. Ice fabric laces based on high excellence stuff that is washable and easygoing, the fabric is Good breath ably stuff used, healthy and environmentally friendly dyeing.
  7. The color of the mesh lace thread matches with beads and sequins that never turn the color fade as well its charm
  8. The lace is contented and attention-grabbing to the people
  9. The application of embroidery in the clothing style design is the unity of beauty and effectiveness. It cannot only enhance the arty form of dress but also can increase the practical function of outfit

How To Get Bold Look With Our Laces By Wearing Our Lace Made Dresses

Night party wearing gowns: it’s the best option for night party dress because beaded mesh lace looks shinier at night and reflects on your face that looks beautiful.
Prom: prom dresses can be worn at the dance parties dance party it can be a high school student party. Our laces are most important for all prom dresses. We have different verity for prom dresses like Floral Mesh Lace.


Product Availability

Length:         36 inches
Width:          50 inches


  • Ivory 
  • Red
  • White Rust 
  • Gold
  • Royal Bule 
  • Navy   
  • Silver 

Bridal\ Wedding Beaded Mesh Lace Fabrics is available in colors. it is accessible to all our customers at ice fabrics.  Available with all specialties at the store, Fine pattern and bright luster color, beautiful design, unique technology, good covering fabric. Show a real, magnificent and lasting color, beautiful and bright. After repeated washing, the color is still bright.  We have many more laces that are available at our store now order fast and get our large number of services that make you happy.  To further boost up your look at a wedding you can also have look at our most in-demanding item Faux Fur Fabrics.

You can find more designs on Instagram.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I stop dark clothes from fading when I wash them?
You may be able to extend the look of the blacks and brightly colored garments by the following: Use Laundry fabric wash, which is made to minimize fading of dark colors. If only mildly dirty, wash in small washer load, or wash separately. This reduces the number of abrasion clothes experiences during washing. Use mild detergent and avoid using too much detergent. Harsh detergents are hard on dyes.
Is there any way to determine how much a garment will shrink?
Any fabric can be predictable to reduce in size about 1 to 3 percent, even dry clean only clothes. Contrived fibers will shrink the least, and natural fibers the most.
Is your beaded mesh lace made by high-quality fabric?
Yes, our beaded mesh lace is made of high quality and 100% pure fabric.
How to maintain the brightness of the beaded mesh lace bridal flora mesh dress
Avoid bleach or another type of chemical that is dangerous for the fabric color and brightness.
Do you ship the fabric in pieces?
No. We understand the importance of one, continuous piece of fabric. When this isn't possible, our customer service team will contact you to discuss details before your item ships
Where can I provide the promotional code?
When you click your shopping cart you will see information about your order if you see a discount code then enter code in the discount box.
Will I receive a confirmation message?
Yes, you will receive a confirmation message when you complete a payment process. You will receive a confirmation message in a few minutes. If you don’t receive the message you should check your email address which you have entered.
When my order is delivered?
We always attempt out to deliver out all orders as soon as possible. It depends upon a delivery method which has to choose. It also depends upon where your order is being sent.
What should I do when I did not receive my order?
If you have received a delivery massage when your order delivered and the maximum number of days passed then contact us.
Will the order be delivered on my address?
The package will be delivered to your given address. The address you have mentioned in the box when you ordered the product.
Which countries do you ship to?
We ship worldwide.
What are your shipping charges and how long it takes to receive my order?
Our shipping charges depend upon where the order will be delivered.

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