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What is Felt Fabric?

Felt is a type of intertwined fabric that consists of textile fibers condensed and pressed together. Traditionally made with wool or a different kind of animal fur, it's now possible to make felt acrylic and other forms of synthetic fibers. Wool felt fabric is highly flame retardant, and it extinguishes itself. The felt fabric properties include sound-dampening, highly moisture-wicking and soft. Felt holds the distinction of being one of the only fabrics made without weaving or knitting.

Felt is a human-made fabric created from usual fibers. It can take a large amount of work. Felt is typically formed of wool or other natural raw materials, which generally produces the highest quality and softest fabric. Wool also mats very efficiently, making it perfect for this fuzzy fabric. However, adding synthetic fibers into the mix, such as polyester or acrylic, can improve the product depending on its intended use. Adding a percentage of synthetic fibers can increase felts durability for specific crafts or industrial use. It can also increase flexibility. A standard thread sometimes added to wool is rayon. Rayon removes the prickly feeling that pure wool can often have against the skin. Meaning that a synthetic mix is the best of both worlds! You can also check our collection of Felt Fabric to find various colors in felt fabric by the yard.

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Types of Felt Fabric

Pressed Felt

Pressed felt fabric is the oldest form of felt and predates knitting and weaving techniques. It's the most common type, which uses wool fibers or a blend of wool and synthetic fibers. Those are compressed using heat and moisture, causing the fabrics to interlock. It can be cheap to make and in a range of thicknesses that achieve a high density.

Needled Felt

In the case of needled felt, a blend of wool and synthetic fibers, or 100% wool, are interlocked. But this time by a machine rather than naturally. Appliances that contain thousands of needles interlock the fibers to produce this softer, less dense type of synthetic felt fabric. It is often used for crafts or cushioning.

Woven Felt

Wool or a wool blend is directly woven into a cloth, and then moisture and pressure are applied. It makes the fibers naturally interlock, as with pressed felt. Wool felt incredibly durable fabric is ideal for musical instruments and door seals. It has a much lower maximum thickness than needled or pressed felt.

Acrylic Felt

Acrylic felt has become increasingly popular over the last century. Cheaper to produce than wool, acrylic felt offers some of the same benefits as conventional felt. However, unlike wool or fur, acrylic felt is highly flammable, and it is uncomfortable when worn against the skin.

Rayon Felt

Commonly used in industrial and medical applications, rayon felt shares the hydrophilic properties of wool felt. One of the significant benefits of rayon felt is the ability to shape this textile into various insulative products. Still, like all synthetic textile fibers, rayon is a non-biodegradable pollutant.

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What is Felt Fabric Used for? 


Felt is produced by condensing and pressing fibers together. It is made from natural fibers as wool and acrylic. It means it can come in a wide variety of styles and colors. Felt fabric is best to use for felt crafts and more DIY projects


Felt is broadly used in the manufacture of cars. Cars are always violently vibrating when turned on, but you don't feel the harsh feedback because felt has been tactically placed around the vehicle.

It is mainly used on body parts so that their fastenings don't come loose. It is also used inside the engine to ensure everything stays together and stays tight, essential if the car continues working. Of course, felt also helps keep materials like dirt and gravel from getting inside the engine too.

Musical Instruments

Another area wherein avoiding unnecessary vibrations is vital is the music industry. Felt is used within drum set-ups to keep everything sounds "clean". A bass drum or cymbal without felt could start crashing and getting out of tune, which as anyone who has ever been in a band will tell you, can throw off the whole band's rhythm.

Felt is also worked into pianos. Felt placed under the piano keys and inside the piano hammers helps slow down and wear and tear and keep the notes tight.


Felt is also has used for a pool table. A finely machined felt can be incredibly smooth, giving it a luxurious feel. It has led to felt being widely used in casinos and gambling culture overall. Green felt surfaces used for blackjack and gaming tables.

Kids Toys

Felt is a soft-to-the-touch feeling that has also led to many kids' toys being manufactured from white felt, especially kids for young children. Many dolls, puppets, and other toys meant for preschoolers are made from the material because it is safer than toys made from plastic or metal.

It also has educational uses. Felt is an excellent material for arts and crafts because it is soft and easy to cut with safety scissors. 


Let's stay in embellishing home by felted design. Most of the furniture designers make felted chairs and wing chairs with a beautiful colored felt fabric


On top of the standard utilizations of felt, it is a perfect material for various decoration and design purposes due to its unique qualities, brilliant colors, and elegant appearance. 

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Noise Control

Felt is also used to reduce sound transfer, absorbs noise, and is also used as a functional and decorative sound barrier.

Squeak Prevention

Its flexible structure makes felt an ideal material for the prevention of squeaking and whistling due to the friction of materials and more. 



Felt fabric is a renewable and environmentally friendly resource and highly resilient, retaining its strength and unique properties for decades. Felt material is a special material and can be controlled and varied to produce different materials. Now opt for high-quality felt fabric to complete your DIY projects. 

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