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Wedding dress represents the end of a woman's identity as an individual and a move to being a dependent wife; it now importantly signifies the end of singlehood to a new commitment and partnership. But for many brides, it's also a statement piece that makes them feel exceptional on their memorable day. Whether bought, custom-made, or passed down, it's the dress that captures the bride's beauty for all guests to see as she walks down the aisle. 

Your wedding dress fabric plays a vital role when it comes to finding a gown that's just right for you. The fabric type can affect your wedding dress silhouette, how formal the dress is (or isn't), and even how much it costs, so it's helpful to have a general understanding of your options before making the decision. 

Fabric is one of the most integral aspects of your wedding dress. It affects every dress's texture, drape, and movement (and how it'll appear in photographs). When you shop for your dream dress, you must consider our bridal fabrics and luxury fabric to look confident on your special day. 


The 7 Most Trending Wedding Dress Fabrics are used to design the most splendid bridal dresses of all. These all look equally attractive and inspiring, but each has its unique charm. These have the best drape, look amazingly elegant, and adds quite a glamour to your wedding dress. How you can adorn these fabrics for your big day depends on the selection details and designs. Here we are displaying the trending wedding dress fabrics

Lace Fabric


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Lace is the most popular wedding dress fabric. As a fabric category, it is incredibly diverse in pattern, texture, weight, and embellishments. It is delicate, feminine, and romantic, and supple enough to work well in every shape. The lace fabric is one of the most precious bridal gown fabric to add a glance at the gowns. The Lace fabric is used to design royal wedding dresses, highlight the cuts, stitches, and create an alluring border and neckline finish with well design details and embroideries.

It is considered a form of embroidery, and decorated embroidered lace represents the glitz and glamour of wedding dress. Your lace dream dress may have different details like sequins, beads, sparkling rhinestones, and stitch embroidery with a spectacular 3D floral pattern.

Chiffon Fabric


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Chiffon fabric is the matchless choice for everyone who is getting married in the heat of the summer and wants a wedding dress that will be light and comfortable all night long. A wedding dress with chiffon is a lightweight, breathable fabric mostly used to create a soft A-line shape. 

Ideal to Float across the dance floor in a chiffon wedding dress and feel like a goddess in this dreamy fabrication. It's one of the lighter fabrics, and chiffon is often used as an overlay, in layers, or as an accent detail due to its sheer and transparent style. Floral silk chiffon fabric has a floaty and ethereal vibe perfect for the boho bride. Chiffon fabric wedding dresses most-lied by light and airy structure, making them an excellent spring and summer wedding option. We have a range of chiffon fabrics to design your dream dress. 

Organza Fabric


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Sheer Organza fabric is a lightweight fabric that has a tissue-like outlook. It's an excellent material for high-end bridal and prom dresses. Organza wedding dress fabric is most suitable for the spring/summer season. Fashion designers prefer to use it for full dresses with its structured drape where it is next to none.

While sheen and lightweight like chiffon, organza holds a more structured silhouette making it ideal for warm-weather weddings. It's traditionally woven from silk and has a lustrous finish and crisp drape. It's often used for layered gowns to add fullness to ballgowns and trains. Perfect for whimsical, stylish, frothy looks and princess moments, the sheer material is the epitome of romantic outdoor celebrations. 

Satin Fabric


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As one of the most standard fabrics for wedding gowns, satin is versatile and smooth with a natural sheen. The beauty of satin is the gleam, the hand, and the drape." Satin is heavy and soft from silk and nylon fibers that create a high thread count. Satin's durable structure makes it an ideal material for ruching and draping on ball gowns. It's best to wear in winter weddings due to its thick and heavy material. If you're getting married outdoors in winter, you may want to prefer satin to look charming in your wedding dress. 

Silk Fabric


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Silk is one of the best fabric for wedding dresses. The durable silk fabric has a weight that's suitable for all seasons. It's the most luxurious and sexy fabric that brings fancier touch to the wedding dress. The Silk organza wedding dress material can be very supportive, lending itself to constructed designs like ruched or ballgown styles. It comes in different textures and styles and can be quite delicate in the warmer months' heat. As one of the most royal and elegant wedding dres's materials, silk is often used for dramatic ball gowns or fit-and-flare styles.

Several types of silk are most commonly used for wedding dresses. (Check out our silk fabric collection). Its muted shine distinguishes silk. Brides must remember that silk never comes in pure white, but instead, it takes an off-white shade.

Taffeta Fabric


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Taffeta is commonly thought of as a wedding dress fabric. When you're shopping for your wedding dress, you're most likely to come across the Stretch Taffeta fabricIn general, taffeta is a delicate, luxurious textile with a slight sheen, which will help you achieve a classy, modern look on your wedding day. Available in different designs and styles, taffeta is made from silk or synthetic fibers. The stiffer the taffeta, the higher its quality. Rich for winter and light for summer, this crisp, versatile fabric can come in almost any color and sometimes appears iridescent due to the weaving process.

The supple fabric has a constructed quality which makes it great for A-line dresses and full-skirted ballgowns. Your dream wedding dress looks perfect when it's designed with Taffeta fabric. If you want to get admiration from the guest, opt for our taffeta wedding dress fabric

Beaded Fabric


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Beaded fabric is the most regal, decorative, and luxurious beaded fabric are embellished with beads, pearls, gems, and other decorations. They are used to making eveningwear and special wedding dresses.

If you are the bride and truly want to shine on your day and be unique. Our intricate, handmade beaded fabrics for wedding dress gowns are perfect for the romantic, low light of an indoor ceremony or the glimmering sunset at an outdoor wedding. Our stunning selection of beaded fabric for wedding dresses ranges from beaded bodice wedding gowns to all over. 

A beaded fabric wedding dress will stand out and be the highlight of the wedding dress. As one of the most magnificent and elegant wedding dress materials, silk is often used for dramatic ball gowns or fit-and-flare styles. There are several types of beaded fabric to add glamour to your wedding gown. 


We have a vast collection of wedding dresses and puffy prom dresses 2021. Our luxury dress fabrics are for the feminine bride looking to make a statement and wants a glamourous wedding day look. Ice Fabric's wedding dress fabrics are guaranteed to wow your guests. If you are a bride just looking for a touch of sparkle, you can choose our most trending wedding dress fabrics with beading that will give a subtle shimmer on the dance floor. 

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