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Faux fur is a beautiful, warm, and strong material. Fake fur is a type of fabric designed to mimic real fur. It is known as bulk fabric and is usually made of polymeric fibers that are used, dyed, and cut to match the particular wool texture.

It is suitable for more than just accessories and clothing - synthetic faux fur is a versatile fabric and can be used in any way you can expect. We'll talk about the faux fur in detail below, but for now, let's start with "what is faux fur?" ask a little.


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What is Faux Fur?

Faux Fur is a fabric made to look like real wool. This fabric is usually made of synthetic fibers and is designed to match different animal fur types. Although it has many uses in business and health, it is the most common form of fashion. Designers worldwide have used fake fur in their fashion collections, creating unique and unique sets of beautiful and stylish or colorful and invisible dresses. It is almost impossible with modern technology to tell the difference between fake and real wool by merely looking at a faux fur piece, whether it is on the street or in a photo on the Internet.

History of Faux Fur 

Fur is one of the oldest known forms of clothing and has been worn by men and women for various reasons throughout history. It was introduced first in 1929; advances in polymer technology have tremendously improved fake fur quality. 

Initially, it was made from the rest of the fabric and was very compact, thus not making it look exactly like the real one, but over the years, with the development of technology, this too changed.

This easy to make fabric became very popular in the industry and society. It was cheaper than its living counterparts and less expensive for ordinary people to imitate the high class. By the middle of the century, artificial fur had already successfully mimicked the arrows of several animals such as leopards, and it was not long after that many more were added to the species, some more effective than others. But as the quality of imitation increased, some designers came up with new and colorful designs. Advances in modern technology and competition in the production of fake fur have allowed new fabrics to withstand the dyeing and various forms of thermal and chemical processing.

While real fur usually comes in one or two colors, varying in black, brown, and white, as it was the natural colors of the animals that came from it, the only boundaries before artificial fur were the limits of designer imagination. So models of jackets, coats, and various fur coats in different bright colors flood the markets, which has never been seen before. This fabric has provided faux fur material as a stand-alone product and not as a cheap imitation of real wool, as seen until then.

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What are the Main Types?

Most fashion and styles come and go, but faux fur is here to stay. Stylish and comfortable, faux fur is perfect for vests, stoles, jackets, cuffs, costumes, and even home decor. You can create soft pillows and cozy throws—some most popular types of faux rabbit, faux fox, faux shearling, sheepskin, and Sherpa.

Every fabric has a different pile, which can vary in length and suppleness. It refers to the direction in which the pile is leaning and the three types of faux fur fabric available on the Ice Fabrics online store today includes:

  1. Long Pile Faux Fur.
  2. Medium Pile Faux Fur.
  3. Short Pile Faux Fur, also known as low pile.

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Colors of the Faux Fur 

Many kinds of fur fabrics are equally popular and come in various classic and trendy shades and colors. Colors cover in Faux Fur Fabrics selection are Rainbow, Multicolor, Purple, Pink, Black, Royal Blue, Brown, Gold, Black, White, Yellow, Gray, Red, Fuchsia, Silver, Turquoise, and many more. 

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Faux Fur Textures

When it comes to textures, it's available in different eye-catching textures. We offer faux fur fabric in rabbit fur, leopard fur, alpaca fur, stripe texture, rectangle, shaggy rainbow texture, etc. These exquisite faux fur textures are the best to add charm to your appearance in winter.


Uses of Faux Fur Fabric

Faux fur has its uses too in cold isolation clothing. Faux fur fabric sold by the yard which is an ideal choice to make many jackets, hats, gloves, and more. 

Faux fur is the key to looking super stylish and cozy in the whole winter. In the winter season, faux fur accessories are also hot! Don't just think scarves or gloves: but also you can give your outfit an extra dash of flair by pairing it with a Faux fur handbag and walking round in shoes, with bags and even jewelry decked out in faux fur detailing. 

Faux fur is also useful to manufacture various children's stuffed toys and make some home decorations such as pillows, rugs, carpets, blankets and many more. 

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Where to Buy Faux Fabric Online?

Ice Fabrics wholesale is one of the best places for those planning to buy luxurious faux fur fabrics. If you buy Faux fur fabric with a soft and comfortable feel, then take a moment at the faux fur fabric collection to choose something luxurious, attractive, and warm. We provide high-quality faux fur fabrics in vibrant colors and soft textures that is trendy fabric in winter 2023.

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