60 x 108-inch Polyester Solid Color Rectangular Tablecloth

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Complete your wedding or party celebration with this exquisite and darling rectangle tablecloth that will provide perfect material drop length to your table. It will add high charm and allure to your table.

100% Polyester Rectangular Tablecloth 60" x 108"

You can dress up your rectangle table with this rectangle tablecloth that enriches the beauty of the dining table, and your guest will feel delighted.

We are offering many types of modern tablecloths that are stylish and trendy and fit your table perfectly. If you are looking for a tablecloth that will be helpful to provide high elegance to your table, then choose our delightful tablecloth that makes your table look picture perfect.

 This tablecloth clips can be used again and again having full luster and will never lighten the grace and appeal.

100% Polyester Rectangular Tablecloth 60" x 108" is made of high-quality soft material that protects your precious table and makes them dazzling as well as keep them wrinkle-free and stain resistance. Our wedding tablecloth with surged edged will provide fascination to your table. Our indoor tablecloth increases the glamour of the table and gives charm to the whole exterior.

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Key Features of "60 x 108-inch Polyester Solid Color Rectangular Tablecloth"

  1. Medium weight fabric having high grace.
  2. Beautiful layout and modish design.
  3. Our outdoor tablecloth edges have surged for a spick-and-span and sparkling look.
  4. Wonderful and smart design.
  5. Environment friendly that reflects the whole party setting.
  6. Multi-colors and multi-uses.
  7. Hand and machine washable and after wash, it will look fresh and new.
  8. This French tablecloth made of high-quality polyester material.

How to Measure the Right Size of the Tablecloth

Follow these instructions and make sure you know the size and shape of the table. First, find out the width and length. The tables might range from huge lounge tabletops to picnic tables and long banquet hall tables. To find the measurements, start with the tape measure at the center of the table and then multiply it by two. Keep in mind it is not too short or long.

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Product Availability

IceFabrics offers 60 x 108-inch Polyester Solid Color Rectangular Tablecloth in


Length:    60×108 inches


  • Light Blue
  • Khaki
  • Jade
  • Ivory
  • Hunter Green

  • Pink Gold
  • Fuchsia 
  • Emerald Green
  • Dark Yellow
  • Dark Turquoise
  • Dark Sag

  • Dark Teal
  • Dark Grey 
  • Burgundy
  • Brown
  • Black

100% Polyester Solid Color Rectangular Tablecloth 60" x 108" is available in different colors. We know that you want to make your dining table elegant so we are striving to help you with our handsome tablecloth that is perfect for all events.  We are providing 24\7 free delivery worldwide. Here, we offer all items that are needed to be a perfect host.

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Benefits of Tablecloth

Amazing Appearance

Table cloths are made of high-quality polyester that increases the attraction of the table. Tablecloths give your dining table an unparalleled charm.

Provide Relaxation 

The tablecloth skirt provides your guests with high lax, and they will feel happy by sitting on these.

Secure from Injuries

Rectangle tablecloth secures your table from injuries and damages. Our party table cloths will absorb certain liquids like wine etc.


Frequently Asked Questions Regarding "60 x 108-inch Polyester Solid Color Rectangular Tablecloth"

What are the most common uses?
Table cloths are mainly used as tablecloths for restaurants or personal use. But they are also used in many ways where there is a need for a covering that will resist weather, water, and stains and will be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. A product that will be resistant and will last forever.
What is the purpose of a tablecloth?
A tablecloth is a cloth used to cover a table. Some are mainly ornamental coverings, which may also help protect the table from scratches and stains. Other tablecloths are designed to be spread on a dining table before laying out tableware and food.
How do I choose a tablecloth?
For casual events, tablecloths should have a 6- to 8-inches drop from the edge of the table to the bottom of the tablecloth. For more formal events, tablecloths have a 15-inch drop from the edge of the table to the bottom of the tablecloth. The length of the cloth helps dress the table and set the tone for the meal.
Can table cloth be used outdoors?
The table cloth has become very popular in different parts of the world. It has different uses, outdoors and indoors.
What material used to make table clothe?
High-quality polyester used to make the table clothes that absorb the spill.

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