Pink Polyester Cloth Napkins 17 x 17-Inch, Set of 1-Dozen

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Change the style and add the charm to your table with this gorgeous Polyester Cloth Napkins that is captivating as well as creates a lasting impression.

Pink Polyester Cloth Napkins 17 x 17-Inch

If you are searching for the Polyester Cloth Napkins that will be according to your desire. Just look at this Polyester Napkins that stylish and is a modest way to enrich beauty to your event. You can choose the Cloth Napkins according to your party theme. 

Polyester Cloth Napkins has a very attractive design & made of high-quality polyester material. The polyester napkin will add a dash of fun and excitement to your table setup. This attractive napkin adds the allure to your whole setup.

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Key Features of "17 x 17-Inch Pink Polyester Cloth Napkins" 

  1. Made of high-quality material.
  2. Available in attractive colors.
  3. Perfectly matched with other table decoration.
  4. 100% polyester used that will absorb spills.
  5. Limitless and fascinating, luxurious design.
  6. Perfect for every type of event.
  7. It brings honor to any party.
  8. Charming and easy to maintain, machine washable.
  9. An excellent option for parties due to durable fabric.
  10. 100% polyester premium permanent stain and wrinkle-resistant, resilient material won't fade, rip, or weather.

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Product Availability

IceFabrics offers "Washable Polyester 17 x 17-Inch Cloth Napkins" in unique size & color.


Length:       17 inches
Width:         17 inches


  • Pink

Polyester Cloth Napkins pack of 1-Dozen (17 x 17-Inch, Pink) is available at Ice Fabric with exceptional features. If you want beautiful polyester napkins that are budget-friendly and will work with just about any decor with a unique design, so contact us. We are striving to deliver you a wide range of napkins that are made of high-quality material and will meet your desires. We are offering 24 hours of free worldwide delivery. Now add to the cart today to get this superb Napkin at your doorstep. 


Frequently Asked Questions About "Polyester Cloth Napkins"

What material used to make napkins?
High-quality polyester used to make the napkins that absorb the spill.

Why do people put napkins on their laps?
It's mostly to wipe your mouth and hands, Keeping it in your lap (as opposed to on the table) is a bonus when you spill in your lap. I cannot speak to where this started, but I do it because if, as a child, I began eating without my napkin on my lap, I would be smacked and sent to bed.

What is the importance of table napkins?
Proper dining etiquette and table manners include knowing how to use your napkin. When dining, using your napkin correctly is an essential part of the experience. Not only is it handy for blotting spills and patting your mouth, but it is also necessary when you need to clean your hands.

How do you set the table with napkins?

  • Lay the placemat on the table.
  • Put the dinner plate in the middle of the placemat.
  • Lay the napkin to the left of the plate.
  • Place the fork on the napkin.
  • To the right of the plate, place the knife closest to the plate, blade pointing in.

How can I fold napkins?
You can fold a napkin in your desire ways like square shape, rectangle shapes, or others.

Which countries do you ship to?
We ship worldwide.

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